You will see an API key displayed under API Key (v3 auth). Copy the key and paste it to the API key field at Video Station > Settings > Advanced Settings > Video Info Plugin.

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Tmdb api key synology

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Hi! Come and join us at Synology Community. A place to answer all your Synology questions. Ask a question or start a discussion now. Linux : Files are located on a Synology NAS shared via NFS with full R/W permissions. Windows : Files are located on a Synology NAS shared via SMB with full R/W permissions. TMDB scraper terminates scanning after a fews files only.

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The TMDB key is proving harder to acquire. The official Synology instructions seem simple - 1 - create a TMDB account, 2 - go into your account settings and request a Developer API , 3 - fill in the required information, 4 - Copy and paste the API you are given into DS Video.

Synology Video Station indexing with TMDb and TheTVDB GnaXi synology October 16, 2018 So I’ve had a Synology 1817+ NAS for a couple of months now and been using their package Video Station to index and sort the metadata of my movies and tv shows To use this library you need to request an API key from TMDb Caching subscriber enabled by default. I’m a newbie to Synology Video Station and want to properly manage the movie titles before putting them into the default Movies folder. Please recommend movie naming convention that when alphabetized, all the movies whose titles include the definite article ‘The’, for example ‘The Bourne Identity’ are grouped together.

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应用程序URL:提供Synology NAS的IP地址。 ... 把 、 、 三个域名ping 一遍并记录下来 你电脑可以 ping的通的 IP;. 2021. 4. 10. · Is Synology charging for using the TMDb API Key ? Anyway, I'm going to report to Travis Bell, the Administrator. s. Reply by superboy97. STAFF MOD. on September 11, 2021 at 5:59 AM @Bigmecha said: I found this on TMDB website. I have set up an API Key from TMDB and i can updtade the metadata manually without problem. But automatically video station doesn't update the metadata from TMDB. Anyone of you is facing the same issue? I have tried to restart the NAS and reinstall video station but without success. Best regards, Seti. The files are .mp4 3840x2160 H264 AAC. Problem: those videos can perfectly be played if the files are on a USB stick plugged into the TV, but not if they are on my Synology NAS. In detail... - if I upload one of those videos on a normal USB stick (not even a USB 3), plug it on the TV, go to SmartShare > Devices > USB and run the video, the file.


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